[Gate-users] Debian and OpenGL

Angela M K Foudray afoudray at stanford.edu
Fri Feb 16 01:21:22 CET 2007

Can you send me your mac file and your environment variables? 


Ray Raylman wrote:

>We have installed GEANT4 on a Debian system.  When we perfom one of the
>initial testing sequences for GEANT4 we get the following error:
>Idle> /vis/open OGLIX
>G4OpenGLViewer::G4OpenGLViewer couldn't open display.
>G4OpenGLImmediateX::CreateViewer: error flagged by
>negative view id in G4OpenGLImmediateXViewer creation.
>Destroying view and returning null pointer.
>ERROR in G4VisManager::CreateViewer during
>OpenGLImmediateX viewer creation.
> No action taken.
>WARNING: No viewer created.
>Doe anybody have a suggestion on what the problem is?
>Thanks, Ray
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