[Gate-users] Photon's energy and direction

Sebastien JAN sebastien.jan at cea.fr
Mon Aug 20 19:10:58 CEST 2007


> Hi all
> I am hoping someone could help me in this:
> I have a Y90-beta source (pure beta emitter) in a water phantom.
> I need to know where the bremsstrahlung photons are produced in the 
> water phantom, its energy and direction. I want to find out the offset 
> of the photons from the source position.
> How can I obtain this information?

To do that, you need to modify the code in the class GateAnalysis.
You can check what it is done for compton and rayleigh scattering in the 
method RecordEndOfEvent(const G4Event* event).
Following this example, you could try to upgrade the code to get 
bremsstrahlung photon informations.

Hope this help

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