[Gate-users] "Annhilation photon" Identification in Gate

sd48 at buffalo.edu sd48 at buffalo.edu
Fri Sep 22 22:33:37 CEST 2006

Hi all,
       I would like to rephrase my previous message "PhotonID issue in F18 
simulation" as following.

* My question is what are the identifiers (e.g. photonID?,eventtype?...etc) 
responsible for the decay types (e.g. positron decay or gamma decay) in the 
Gate source code.

* Initially we used photonID1 and photonID2 in the Gate source file 
GateTrajectoryNavigator.cc, that is when the photonID is "1" or "2", then 
we consider it is from an annihilation. When the photon is "0", then we 
consider it is from a gamma decay. However, we observed significant gamma 
decay photons in F18 simulation. This is apparently not right.

                          Thank you.


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