[Gate-users] Ref: ASCII output

Andrea C. Mangone andreamangone at teleportal.com.ar
Fri Jun 23 06:02:18 CEST 2006

Dear Sweta:

When i try to set the root output file and execute my macro i have the following messages:

/gate/output/root/setFileName test
***** COMMAND NOT FOUND </gate/output/root/setFileName test> *****
***** Command ignored *****
/gate/output/root/setRootSinglesFlag 1
***** COMMAND NOT FOUND </gate/output/root/setRootSinglesFlag 1> *****
***** Command ignored *****
/gate/output/root/setRootCoincidencesFlag 1
***** COMMAND NOT FOUND </gate/output/root/setRootCoincidencesFlag 1> *****
***** Command ignored *****

I ignored that messages, because I was interested in ascii output files. I suppose Root output files are independant of the ascii output files, aren´t they?
Can these messages be related to my problem? 

Thanks for your concern.

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  Dear Andrea,

  I have had similar problems with empty ASCII outputs. Mostly my problems have been with 

  Source confinement
  sensitive detector set-up
  acquisition time
  boundary overlap with phantom geometries

  Are you sure your root output or the interfile output produces counts on image? 


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