[gate-users] Gamma Spectrum for Pd-103

Ananth Ravi ananth.ravi at sw.ca
Tue Sep 27 18:00:51 CEST 2005

Hello GATE users,

I have a situation where I am trying to simulate an actual brachytherapy
procedure, I am modelling 67 individual brachytherapy seeds.  It would prove
very cumbersome to create multiple copies of each source for each energy
that is emmitted from the seed.  As such I would like to create a new
energytype such as C11, O15, Ge68, except that I would like to model photon
energy spectrums.

I was thinking that a really straight forward implementation would look like
what follows.  I would like some advice, as to whether this is the correct
approach, and where I should be looking to make all my changes.

void GateGeneralParticleSource::GeneratePaladium103()
  // Fit parameters for the Paladium103 spectra

  G4double u;
  G4double energyPd103 = 0.;
  u = RandFlat::shoot(0.,1.);

  if (u <= 0.28698 )    energyPd103 = 0.020074;
  if (u > 0.28698 && u <= 0.7723) energyPd103 = 0.020074;
  if (u > 0.28698 && u <= 0.7723) energyPd103 = 0.020216;
  if (u > 0.7723  && u <= 0.8697) energyPd103 = 0.022699;
  if (u > 0.8697) energyPd103 = 0.022724;

 particle_energy =  energyPd103;

Ananth Ravi

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