[gate-users] executing after installation

Sweta sweta_indbhavan at yahoo.co.in
Tue Sep 20 10:03:21 CEST 2005

Yes. I did type 'make' and got the following messages

$ make
Creating shared library tmp/Linux-g++/Gate/libGate.so ...
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lInventorXt
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [tmp/Linux-g++/Gate/libGate.so] Error 1



yuxuan.zhang at di.mdacc.tmc.edu wrote:


According to your post, you haven't install 
gate yet. After the "source env_gate.csh", 
have you "make" the gate? 


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Dear all, 
I have installed Gate v 2.2.0 and get the following display. 
$ source env_gate.csh
The current value of G4INSTALL is: /usr/local/geant4.7.0.p01
The current value of G4VERSION is: 7.0

Launching Geant4 configuration script /usr/local/geant4.7.0.p01/env.csh

On this machine the G4SYSTEM=Linux-g++
On this machine the G4INSTALL=/usr/local/geant4.7.0.p01
On this machine the G4LIB=/usr/local/geant4.7.0.p01/lib
On this machine the G4LEVELGAMMADATA=/usr/local/geant4.7.0.p01/data/PhotonEvapor
On this machine the G4RADIOACTIVEDATA=/usr/local/geant4.7.0.p01/data/RadiativeDe
On this machine the G4LEDATA=/usr/local/geant4.7.0.p01/data/G4EMLOW2.3
On this machine the NeutronHPCrossSections=/usr/local/geant4.7.0.p01/data/G4NDL3
On this machine the G4ELASTICDATA=/usr/local/geant4.7.0.p01/data/Elastic
On this machine the CLHEP_BASE_DIR=/usr/local/CLHEP
On this machine the CLHEP_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/local/CLHEP/include
On this machine the CLHEP_LIB_DIR=/usr/local/CLHEP/lib
On this machine the CLHEP_LIB=CLHEP
On this machine the G4ANALYSIS_USE=1
On this machine the G4UI_BUILD_XAW_SESSION=1
On this machine the G4UI_USE_XAW=1
On this machine the G4UI_BUILD_XM_SESSION=1
On this machine the G4UI_USE_XM=1
On this machine the G4VIS_BUILD_DAWN_DRIVER=1
On this machine the G4VIS_BUILD_OPENGLX_DRIVER=1
On this machine the G4VIS_BUILD_OPENGLXM_DRIVER=1
On this machine the G4VIS_BUILD_OIX_DRIVER=1
On this machine the G4VIS_BUILD_VRML_DRIVER=1
On this machine the G4VIS_USE_DAWN=1
On this machine the G4VIS_USE_OPENGLX=1
On this machine the G4VIS_USE_OPENGLXM=1
On this machine the G4VIS_USE_OIX=1
On this machine the G4VIS_USE_VRML=1
On this machine the OGLHOME=/usr/local/MesaGL
On this machine the G4LIB_BUILD_SHARED=1
On this machine the G4LIB_BUILD_STATIC=1
On this machine the G4LIB_USE_GRANULAR=1
On this machine the G4UI_USE_TCSH=1
In your environment you have the G4WORKDIR=/usr/local/geant4.7.0.p01

Configuring GATE options

G4WORKDIR set to .
G4TMP set to ./tmp
G4BIN set to ./bin
Data analysis and output features enabled
Ascii data output enabled
Checking your LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable... 
 ==> OK: /usr/local/bin/root/lib added to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH
Use of ROOT enabled
ROOT real-time plotter disabled
LMF data output disabled
ECAT7 data output disabled
GATEHOME is set to /usr/local/GATE
Checking your path variable...
==> OK: /usr/local/GATE/bin/Linux-g++ added to your path variable
G4VERSION4 is not set: GATE will use the code compatible with Geant4 version >=                        5.0
G4VERSION5_1 is set: GATE will use the run manager compatible with the Geant4 ve                       rsion = 5.1
G4VERSION5_2 is set: GATE is compatible with the Geant4 version = 5.2
G4VERSION6_2 is set: GATE is compatible with the Geant4 version = 6.2
G4VERSION7_0 is set: GATE is compatible with the Geant4 version = 7.0

I am unable to run gate using $ Gate and get the error "Gate": Command not found. 
Please note I have the required tools LMF, ROOT, GEANT4 7.0 and CLHEP installed. 

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