[gate-users] sample image from my IQ_phantom simulation

Kris Thielemans kris.thielemans at csc.mrc.ac.uk
Fri Sep 16 16:01:30 CEST 2005

Hi Ross

> Complex phantoms like the IQ phantom may require you to 
> modify the STIR image_generation software.  In it's standard 
> form STIR can generate ellipsoids and ellipsoidal cylinders.  
> I have modified some of this code to produce sectors of 
> cylinders and boxes.  I have given these modifications to 
> Kris but they have not been implemented in a STIR release 
> yet.  I am hoping that they are clean enough that he can 
> implement them in the next release with out too much fuss.  

At present, your stuff and some other contributions to STIR are under review
by a lawyer. GE doesn't want to put source code on our web-site for which it
isn't absolutely sure that it is allowed to do so...
Nothing stops you from distributing it yourself obviously, although in the
future I sincerely hope I can put it in.

> These modifications should work just as well for a voxel 
> phantoms but may be quite tedious to build.  For voxelized 
> phantoms look at the STIR software and then see if you can 
> translate the GATE voxel matrices into a STIR image it should 
> be very straight forward.  STIR is written cleanly enough 
> that the output from the image_generation routine is easy to follow.

Obviously, if you have a voxelised phantom output by GATE, it would be far
easier to immediately use that as input for STIR. If you have a file with
only the binary data (potentially with an initial header), you can easily
cook-up an interfile header for it.

Hmm. I lost the plot here I guess. Maybe you want to use STIR's
generate_image to have a nice phantom, and use that as input of GATE.


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