[gate-users] GATE install error definition of SWAB

Mutanga Theodore muathe02 at student.umu.se
Thu Sep 8 10:21:46 CEST 2005


I am doing a new install of GATE on Mandrake 10 limitted edition GCC 3.4
and geant47.0 ,  gate 2.2 ,

Has any one come accross this error before ? and what is the remedy for it ?

Compiling GateEcatSystem.cc ...
In file included from include/GateSinoToEcat7.hh:49,
                 from src/GateEcatSystem.cc:71:
/home/theo/ECAT/include/machine_indep.h:23: error: declaration of C
function `void swab(const void*, void*, size_t)' conflicts with
/usr/include/unistd.h:1032: error: previous declaration `void
swab(constvoid*, void*, ssize_t)' here
make: *** [tmp/Linux-g++/Gate/GateEcatSystem.o] Error 1
[theo at masjat gate_v2.2.0]#

I have in the past solved this by changing the defition of Swab in
machine_indep.h to read

void swab(const void*, void*, size_t)
instead of

void swab(const void*, void*, size_t)

This usually works but I don't know the implications of that !



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