[gate-users] ecat7 output

Robin Wen robin.wen at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 10:30:39 CEST 2005

Dear Gate users,

It seems that I have the same problem mentioned by Vandana.

I have successfully compiled Gate with the library of ECAT according to
the manual and minor modification in the machine_indep.h. However, it
doesn't recognize ECAT commands for the output when Gate is run.

My configuration is,
Debian gcc-3.3

When I type ls /gate/output/, the prompt is
/gate/output/analysis/ ...Title not available...
/gate/output/digi/ ...Title not available...
/gate/output/ascii/ ...Title not available...
/gate/output/root/ ...Title not available...

Thanks for your suggestion.

Best Regards,

Vandana Kohli wrote:

>Dear Gate users,
>I was able to compile GATE with ecat. Had to make a slight change to
>I have run a simulation and it is writing ecat output.
>On 8/22/05, Vandana Kohli <kohli.vandana at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Dear Theo,
>>The ECAT7_HOME points to the directory where Ecat 7 is installed. I
>>have checked the header files (matrix.h and machine_indep .h ) are in
>>the ecat7_home/include and libecat.a is in ecat7_home/lib/Linux-g++.
>>Is there something that I am missing.

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