[gate-users] Bi-modality in one simulation

Thomas Carlier thomas.carlier at chu-nantes.fr
Tue Nov 8 19:00:55 CET 2005

Dear all,

Just a basic question concerning the possibility to simulate two types 
of detector in one simulation.
Is it possible to attach two different geometries (say a cylindricalPET 
+ a box for instance) with each a different detection medium ?

We would like to add to an already simulated µPET device a new detection 
medium whose geometry is defined as a box and coupled to one side of the 
My question is basically, is it possible to perform such a simulation 
without too much effort (i.e. by adding a specific class or deriving an 
existing class) ?

Thank you so much for your help

Thomas Carlier
University Hospital
Nuclear Medicine Dept
Nantes, France

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