[gate-users] spblurring

Mar Vla marvla78 at yahoo.gr
Wed Mar 30 11:13:22 CEST 2005

Hello GATE users. I am using a SPECThead and the informations that I 
want are about the spatial blurring. The crystal array that I have 
simulate is circular, so I created it in two ways...One "rough" copy 
the CubicArray repeater and one more complicated, creating each line 
seperately, using the line repeater to add the exact number of pixels 

But the problem is....when I drawing the 2D image in ROOT using the 
Singles Tree and the "globalPos" leaves...the spatial blurring is only 
one direction, the horizontal one.... I am wondering if this is right 
or wrong....or something is wrong to my simulation code (crystal 

And something more...In GATE manual, in spatial blurring section, 
something is mentioned about verbosity in "spblurring"... Does anyone 
more about the verbosity level? 



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