[gate-users] How to input a history file

GUEZ David dguez at cea.fr
Mon Aug 1 20:52:47 CEST 2005

Schmidtlein, Ross/Sloan-Kettering Institute a écrit :

>Hi Mikhail and Seb,
>I was speaking to several people from the University of Washington and they are also interested in this sort of option.  I agree that the Hits file may be a good place to start but from what I understand DigiGATE doesn't really do any particle transport.  To my mind we need to have a method to store information in a "hits" type format at a specified boundary crossing location and then import this information back to the particle gun.  In this manner, a standard input interface could be defined and tested.  Other MC programs output could then be translated into this format and input into Gate.  Does anyone have any additional thoughts on this?

Just some little remark, I think (but I may have misunderstood), that 
the  Mikhail's need is to generate the initial photons with an external 
program. And, as far as I understand, the digigate option asks the hits 
(generation+transport+particle/detector interactions) to be processed. 
So, no particle transportation is done with digigate. In such a case, 
two options are possibles :
1) Just use an external photon generator and link it to the GATE's 
GEANT4 particle transport calls.
2) Do generation AND transportation externally, and use digigate.

If only the generation is needed, the first method seems to be much more 
simple, because one doesn't need to translate the geometry description 
(from the GATE macro) to another MC format (necessary to the particle 
transport). May be the virtualMC architecture of ROOT (which is already 
a quasi-dependency of GATE) could help if the second method is required.


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