[gate-users] LYSO definition in materials.db is correct

Claude Comtat comtat at ieee.org
Mon Sep 6 10:21:13 CEST 2004

Hi Stefaan,

LYSO  (Lu(2-x)YxSiO5:Ce) can have different amount of Lutetium and its 
density will depend on this amount. From "Scintillation Properties of 
LYSO Cystals" by T. Kible et al. (MIC-2002), we have:

Percent     Density
Lutetium    g/cc
100            7.4
70              6.5
50              6.0
30              5.4
15              4.9

The LSO density is 7.4 g/cc and YSO density 4.5 g/cc.

The LYSO that is defined in materials.db is  from CTI Inc. (Knoxville, 
TN, U.S.A.) and corresponds to
Lu0.6Y1.4SiO5:Ce. It is used for the ECAT HRRT scanner. You can find its 
properties in "Investigation of the Properties of New Scintillator LYSO 
and recent LSO Scintillators for Phoswich PET Detectors" by C.M. Pepin 
et al. (MIC-2002). The quoted density is 5.37 g/cc.     

All the best,

Claude Comtat

stefaan.vandenberghe at philips.com wrote:

> Hello,
> After default installation of GATE, LYSO is defined in materials.db 
>  with a density of 5.37 g/cm3.
> I think this is not correct, it should be in the range of 7.1-7.3 
> g/cm3  (in the same file LSO has a density of 7.4 g/cm3).
> Stefaan Vandenberghe
> Clinical Site (UPENN, Philadelphia) Research
> Philips Research USA                                  
> email: Stefaan.Vandenberghe at Philips.com
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