[gate-users] GATE on a Linux CLUSTER

Mutanga Theodore muathe02 at student.umu.se
Sat Oct 30 07:41:25 CEST 2004

Greetings GATE users.

I hvae been looking for info about making my simulations run on a cluster
and I have got some tips from some of you. Thanks .

So far I have downloaded a copy of our cluster's job submission file and I
thought I could modify it somehow to suit GATE ( our batch queue uses pbs
, Torque and Maui job schedulers)
I also know that I have to split the job by activity or time but I don't
know which of GATEs files to use to modify this. I was thinking of running
one of the GATE examples on the cluster.

My real quesion is, suppose I have come up with a macro, for my main
simulation, how do i modify it prior to submission to the cluster, how do
i make sure the random number seeds for the different jobs are
uncorrelated ? which files do I need to send along with the jobs , I know
I have to send at leaset gateMaterials.dat,maybe gate.cc ??

I will be grateful for your answers.


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