[gate-users] linux versions...???

Nicolas Sakelios nicolas_sakelios at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 13 15:51:55 CEST 2004

Hi everybody,
I have successfully install GATE and working on it in my desk PC, in which I 
m using Red Hat Linux 9.0. All seems to work OK, and no problem up to now. I 
tried to install GATE in my laptop as well. The operating system is the SUSE 
Linux 9.1, KDE version 3.2.1 and release 2.6.4-52.
GATE was successfully installed, no errors appeared, but the program doesn’t 
open at all. Instead, I am asked if I want to “debug” or something like 
that. I am wondering whether GATE can work with the SUSE Linux version I 
have, or I should install Red Hat Linux 9.0 to my laptop too, if I want to 
run the program there.

Thank you very much
Nicolas Sakelios
National Technical University of Athens

My configuration options are the following.

G4WORKDIR is set to .
G4TMP is set to ./tmp
G4BIN is se to ./bin
Data analysis and output features enabled
Ascii data output enabled
Use of ROOT disabled
ROOT real time plotter disabled
LMF data output disabled
ECAT7 data output disabled
WARNING: variable GATEHOME is not set
		It will be assumed to be the current directory
Checking your path variable…
=> OK: /root/gate_v1.0.1/bin/Linux-g++ added to your path variable
G4VERSION is not set: GATE will use the code compatible with Geant4 version 
=> 5.0
G4VERSION5.1 is set: GATE will use the run manager compatible with Geant4 
version => 5.1
G4VERSION5.2 is set: GATE is compatible with Geant4 version => 5.2


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