Mutanga Theodore muathe02 at student.umu.se
Fri Oct 1 03:00:33 CEST 2004

Greetings ALL
Finally I got GATE up and running !
BUt I have some more minor problems,

1) I compiled GATE to use DAWN,VRML and OpenGL viewers, how can I include
WIRED in the list of viewers ? I prefer using WIRED, for it is easy to use
and I have used it before.

2) Why is it that when I use OpenGl, the images never come back if the
displayed window is covered by another window ? Is there some fix for this
problem ?
 3) I have also tried VRMLVIEWER but I can't initialize it at the
GATE/Geant4 prompt, I was expecting a window to pop up when I say
/vis/open VRML1FILE
could it be that the viewer executable is not in my path ?

I would like to get at least one viewer working then I can carry on from

Waiting for your answers impatiently ........


Theodore Mutanga

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