[gate-users] An altnative libecat

null99 at mails.tsinghua.edu.cn null99 at mails.tsinghua.edu.cn
Sat Jul 17 09:27:46 CEST 2004

Dear all,

The tarball libecat7-1.4.tgz from amide.sourceforge.net contains the source of
libecat7 from ftp://dormeur.topo.ucl.ac.be/pub/ecat/z_matrix_70/ecat.tar.gz

   1. The orignal sourcecode is located in subdir orig_src
   2. Refer to the README in the directory and subdir utils to make
   3. Install libecat7 for GATE
      if to use with GATE, do the following things:
        a> enable ECAT7 for gate by modifying gate_v1.0/env_gate.csh
        b> add ECAT7_HOME to your ~/.cshrc
        c> cd $ECAT7_HOME; mkdir include; mkdir lib; mkdir lib/$G4SYSTEM
        d> cp *.h and libecat.a in libecat7-1.4/orig_src to $ECAT7_HOME/include,
$ECAT7_HOME/lib/$G4SYSTEM respectivly
   4. Rebuild GATE with libecat enabled
        source ~/.cshrc
        source env_gate.csh
        make clean
*************  Before MAKE: *******************
        I have met a problem, gcc reports in gate_v1.0/src/GateSinoToECAT7.cc line
500, the function mh_update undefined.
        If you met this too, just remark it. It's only for error handling
        then, invoke make will do.
Since libecat7 is release under a restrictive non-free licence (see
orign_src/copyright), so the AMIDE author doesn't change anything in this
However, I don't know if this version is completely or not, but it works (I have
tested it.)

Enjoy it :-)

Long Zhang

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