[gate-users] Random Number files

Mutanga Theodore muathe02 at student.umu.se
Tue Dec 7 00:18:15 CET 2004


This question is about the random number files. In order to ensure the
continuity of the seeds I did as the Manual stipulated, i.e I generated
the files beginOfRun.rndm, endOfRun.rndm , currentRun.rndm,

To make the simulation begin from a different each time , I force the new
simulation to take the seed from the file endOfRun.rndm or
However I am running a couple of simulations in parallel and want to make
the seeds uncorrelated,do I just edit one of those files and change some
of the figures and feed them to the engine at the beggining of the various
batch jobs ? If so what numbers in the random files can I modify ?
some also mentioned using CLHEP to generate a sequence of random numbers
to feed to the batch jobs, but I can't find the command to do this in
This would mean creating like 50 different .rndm files before launching
the 50 batch jobs.

Can someone throw more light on this ?


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