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Elia Alessio alessio.elia at medaustron.at
Thu May 4 15:03:41 CEST 2017

Dear fiak,

I totally agree with the last email from Andreas. You should decrease the complexity of your macro first in order to figure out the problem...
I had a quick look. It seems to me that you are using a phase space file which you did not provide. Therefore it is difficult to understand if the problem is related to your actors definition or the source itself.

I have also the feeling that your source is not doing what you expect... for example:
- did you check if your beam is going in the right direction?
- did you check if there is an easier way to define a circular gamma source?
- did you try the same macro with a simpler source type like gps for example?

moreover, it seems you are missing a resolution for your dose actor which I would advise to define.

Hope it can help!


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Dears Gate-Users,

I want to calculate  the depht and profile dose using DoseActor in a water phantom (30*30*30)cm, below the procedure that I followed in the calculation. The results obtained aren't just, the gamma beam doesn't undergo any attenuation in the water.

Please, is the method I tried wrong?

Any help will be highly appreciated.

*Ms*.*FIAK Meriem*
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