[gate-users] benchmark SPECT benchmark_spectra.c

Irène Buvat Irene.Buvat at imed.jussieu.fr
Tue Sep 7 10:14:25 CEST 2004

Dear colleague,

>     I had problems in running benchmark SPECT. When I run 
>benchmark_spectra and benchmark_projection, after the "Beginning of
>processing" message is showed, it is not ended. 
>     I searched the database and found others has the same problem
>but I can not found the specific modifications needed to make 
>these two programs run. Would you please tell me more
>specifically what should I change, such as which variable and it
>line number ?

The problem is well known and the reason for it is identified. We'll 
put a new version of the two programs (benchmark_spectra and 
benchmark projection) tomorrow or the day after that will fix the 
error. I'll post a message when you can download the new versions of 
the two programs.

Thanks for your patience,

Irene Buvat, PhD
Equipe "Imagerie quantitative des radiotraceurs"
CHU Pitie-Salpetriere
91 Boulevard de l'Hopital
75 634 Paris Cedex 13

Tel : (33) (0)1 53 82 84 19
Fax : (33) (0)1 53 82 84 48
e-mail : buvat at imed.jussieu.fr

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