[Gate-users] Software for CT reconstruction

Ville-Veikko Wettenhovi ville-veikko.wettenhovi at uef.fi
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Hi Adil,

If you prefer using Matlab or GNU Octave, you can also use OMEGA: https://github.com/villekf/OMEGA

Ville-Veikko Wettenhovi
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You can also have a look at CASToR and RTK.

Best regards




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Le 2 nov. 2022 à 12:44, Matthew Strugari <matthew.strugari at dal.ca<mailto:matthew.strugari at dal.ca>> a écrit :

Hi Adil,

That is correct, STIR is for emission tomography. For transmission tomography, take a look at the Core Imaging Library (CIL) for CT reconstruction.


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Dear GATE users,

Which software do you usually use for reconstruction of CT images?

I have .dat file which is obtained in GATE. This file is a projection. And
I'd like to reconstruct the image from this projection.

I know about STIR, but as I know it can be used for PET and SPECT image
reconstruction and not for CT, isn't it?

I'm very appreciate for any help or advice.

Thanks, and regards,

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