[Gate-users] monochromatic X-ray source

Howard lomahu at gmail.com
Sun May 8 20:25:37 CEST 2022


I would like to simulate CBCT with a monoenergy X-ray source, say 30keV. Is
there an easy way to implement this? I tried to set the following in the
source macro but did not work. Do I have to set up the fluorescent X-ray
for the monochromatic source? Any feedback would be appreciated.


/gate/source/addSource xraygun
/gate/source/verbose 0
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/verbose 0
# Particle type
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/particle gamma
# Source geometry
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/type Plane
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/shape Rectangle
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/halfx 0.025 mm
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/halfy 0.025 mm
# Source position
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/centre 0. 0. -80. mm
# Emission direction
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/mintheta  0. deg
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/maxtheta 15. deg
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/angtype iso
# Energy distribution
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/energytype Mono
/gate/source/xraygun/gps/monoenergy 30.0 keV
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