[Gate-users] Outputing projections for each angle of gantry rotation around the phantom

David Leibold D.Leibold at tudelft.nl
Mon May 2 23:18:45 CEST 2022

Dear Mijat,

indeed, personally I also use parameterised Gate scripts for storing the projections at every angle.

Kind regards,

On 2 May2022, at 19:40, Mijat Paunovic <paunovicjata at gmail.com<mailto:paunovicjata at gmail.com>> wrote:

Dear David,
Thank You! I am using only using Hits, so it would be fine. In the meantime I switched to running a parameterised Gate script, and I am doing so through a for loop in a bash script. Is this the way you would advise?
Kind regards,
Mijat Paunović

On Mon, May 2, 2022 at 1:21 PM David Leibold <D.Leibold at tudelft.nl<mailto:D.Leibold at tudelft.nl>> wrote:
Dear Mijat,

assuming that you store the output of Singles or Hits, there is the possibility to implement this in a single run by using the time stamp of the events together with the known rotation speed of the setup. As far as I know, there is no option to create a new output file for each time slice, but others might shed more light on this.
However, this means that you have to store an additional parameter to your output file, which takes time. IMHO, it is more convenient to use a parameterised Gate script instead.

If you use the ImageCT output, then it will store one frame for each time slice; however, the ImageCT actor only stores the numbers of Singles per pixel, whereas a real detector would measure the energy per pixel.

Kind regards,
David Leibold

On 28 Apr2022, at 13:35, Mijat Paunovic <paunovicjata at gmail.com<mailto:paunovicjata at gmail.com>> wrote:

Dear Gate Community,
I am running a simple CT scanner consisting of an X-ray source and a detector between which the cylindrical phantom is placed. I want to rotate the phantom and save the output for each angle of rotation. Ex. The phantom is in 0 deg position. The source emits certain number of particles, the output is saved for this projection. Then, the phantom is rotated, the source emits particles, output is again saved and so on.
Is this possible in a single run, or do I have to run a parameterized Gate script?
Kind regards,
Mijat Paunović
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