[Gate-users] Issues on material overlap in dose calculations based on CT images

boram Lee leebr999 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 13:29:08 CEST 2022

Hi Gate users

I often did dose calculation simulations based on CT images.

However, I recently ran into a problem and haven't found a solution yet.

I use the data converted from DCM to analyzer format. And we want to create
a daughter volume in it and proceed with the calculation with foreign
substances inserted.

(For example, inserting gold into the body)

But I can't find an explanation on how to do it in the manual.

I'd like to ask the experts if they have any solutions to this problem.

- test code

/gate/HounsfieldMaterialGenerator/SetDensityTolerance       0.1 g/cm3
/gate/world/daughters/name                 patient
/gate/world/daughters/insert               ImageNestedParametrisedVolume

/gate/patient/geometry/SetHUToMaterialFile      ../data/patient1-HU2mat.txt
/gate/patient/geometry/SetImage                 ../data/image.hdr(h33 or
/gate/patient/placement/setTranslation         0.0 0.0 0.0 mm

/gate/world/daughters/name               test_lead
/gate/world/daughters/insert             box
/gate/test_lead/setMaterial                     Air #Tungsten
/gate/test_lead/geometry/setXLength             1.0 cm
/gate/test_lead/geometry/setYLength             1.0  cm
/gate/test_lead/geometry/setZLength             1.0 cm
/gate/test_lead/placement/setTranslation        -5 0.0 0 cm
/gate/test_lead/vis/setColor                    blue
/gate/test_lead/vis/setVisible                  1

I have changed a lot of parameters but I am still having the problem.

Boram Lee, Ph.D.

Medical Physicist

Dept. of Radiation Oncology, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
Phone : +82-10-4772-3106


leebr999 at gmail.com, 35022@ <br12.lee at samsung.com>snubh.org
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