[Gate-users] calculation of photon specific absorbed fraction

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If you’re only after the SAF values, I would take a look at OpenDose<https://opendose.org/>. You can find SAFs (and other great information) for the ICRP 110 adult phantoms there which were already calculated with GATE. I’m not sure of your specific application but this would be the fastest route, unless you wanted to setup your own simulations to calculate SAFs for some other custom use case. Then I would checkout the GATE docs and the methods used by the OpenDose collaboration for your application.


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Hello, dear users .

I need to apply this example on Gate if anyone can help. I need to calculat the  SAF values for monoenergetic photons of energies 25, 30, 200, 500  and 2000 keV were evaluated for the voxel ghost embedded in the Monte Carlo code. The source organs considered in this study were the lungs, skeleton, spleen, pancreas, adrenals, eyes and brain. The target organs considered were the lungs, the skeleton, the spleen, the pancreas, the adrenals and the brain. The eye was considered as the target organ only for the eye as the source organ

thank you so much
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