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zahra ahmadi z_ahmadi263 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 14 16:22:14 CET 2022

Dear usersI want to add a material to the library file (GateMaterials.db),
Sinus Cavity:  d=0.205 g/cm3 ; n=10   +el: name=Hydrogen   ; f=0.0859        +el: name=Carbon     ; f=0.6589        +el: name=Nitrogen   ; f=0.0352        +el: name=Oxygen     ; f=0.1926        +el: name=Magnesium  ; f=0.0        +el: name=Phosphor   ; f=0.0        +el: name=Sulfur     ; f=0.0        +el: name=Chlorine   ; f=0.0169        +el: name=Calcium    ; f=0.0105        +el: name=Barium     ; f=0.0
It seems everything is correct and all of the elements added before, but I have this error,                 GateMaterialDatabase.cc (l.174): GateMaterialDatabase: could not find the definition for material 'Sinus' in material files.
kindly, If you have any idea to solve this problem please let me know.Best regardsZahra

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