[Gate-users] problem installing job splitter

Sarah Blind sarah.blind at univ-lorraine.fr
Tue Mar 8 11:20:21 CET 2022

Dear Gate users, 

Thank you for your precious help so far! 
I'm trying to install job splitter but I'm a little bit lost. 
I have read many times the tutorial and the thread in the gate user list (from 2015) but I don't understand everything. 

I'm using a virtual box with Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS. Gate was installed simply with the ubuntu software (the "whereis gate" command tells me that the executable is in /snap/bin/gate). 
I created a jobsplitter file and the environment variables: 

export GC_DOT_GATE_DIR=/~/snap/gate/jobsplitter 
export GC_GATE_EXE_DIR=/~/snap/gate/jobsplitter/bin/Linuxg++ 

But I can't find the env_gate.sh file ? 

I'm sorry, I know this subject has already been discussed but I'm still stuck... 

Thank you, 
I wish you a good day, 

Sarah Blind 
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