[Gate-users] generic repeater ERROR (coded aperture collimator)

Shwan K ksh2454178 at naver.com
Tue Jan 18 07:33:21 CET 2022

Dear David Sarrut, 
I solved the problem.
My simulation execution method was wrong.


Suhwan kim
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the file cannot be opened, maybe an error with the path ? 

On Thu, Jan 13, 2022 at 6:16 AM Shwan K <ksh2454178 at naver.com> wrote: 

 Hello GATE users.
I am suhwan kim
Thanks to your help, I made the coded aperture collimator well. And I checked my collimator design well through 'Gate --qt'.
But there is one problem.
The simulation is not performed.
I changed the name of the empty text file to 'myvolume.place'.
However, it seems that the .placement file is not recognized.
If 'genericRepeater' is annotated as follows, errors do not occur.
#/gate/coded/repeaters/insert genericRepeater
#/gate/coded/genericRepeater/setPlacementsFilename #/home/HDD1/2020.10.29_ksh/GH/myvolume.placements
#/gate/coded/genericRepeater/useRelativeTranslation 1
The output file contains the following errors.
'GateMiscFunctions.cc (l.88): Error while opening /home/HDD1/2020.10.29_ksh/GH/myvolume.placements for reading.'
I need your help.
I will attach the error, geometry, and file.

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