[Gate-users] IDEAL V2 Project open!

Grevillot Loic loic.grevillot at medaustron.at
Thu Jan 13 10:14:18 CET 2022

Dear colleagues,

The GATE-RTion/IDEAL Independent Dose Calculation System for Light Ion Beam Therapy in version 1.0 was developed until last year and installed at MedAustron (see papers attached).
We are starting a 3 years follow-up project if you have interest!
First goal is to set-it up in the clinics as CE medical product to replace experimental PSQA for carbon ions and second step is to include new features (LET, RBE, etc.) for clinical use and make a GATE-RTion V2 and IDEAL V2...

The MP/Project management position is available here<https://www.medaustron.at/jobangebote/?jh=q3chw4z1a3rh14j6miktaludpdo67w3>.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Kind regards,

Loïc Grevillot, PhD
Medical Physicist Expert
Beam Delivery & Monte Carlo Simulation Group Leader

EBG MedAustron GmbH
Marie Curie-Straße 5
A-2700 Wiener Neustadt

t    +43 2622 26 100 - 618
m  +43 664 808 78 618
e   loic.grevillot at medaustron.at<mailto:loic.grevillot at medaustron.at>
i    www.medaustron.at<http://www.medaustron.at/>

ATU63347355, FN291863k


Please notice our E-Mail Disclaimer http://www.medaustron.at/email-disclaimer/

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