[Gate-users] How to use experimental cross sections of C11 and O15 instead of analytically calculated cross sections in Gate?

Maikol Salas Ramirez mmsalas at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 12:09:39 CET 2022

Hi Atiq,

I am not in the field of the proton beam, but I used the "secondary
production actor" to measure the production of some radionuclides in a
decay chain (Ra-223 or Ac-225). Maybe it could be helpful for you. Probably
if you combine the  Secondary production actor with a Filter on particle
type (C11[0,0] and O15[0,0]), you could obtain more precise information.
But first, just run a simple secondary production actor to see the produced

Another option is to use a killer and you will see the number of C11 and
O15 nuclei were killed. But then you lost the posterior interactions of
these nuclei.


El lun, 21 feb 2022 a las 5:08, Atiq Ur Rahman (<atiqchep at gmail.com>)

> Dear Gate User,
> I am trying to estimate the production of C11 and O15 during a proton beam
> interaction. I can do it using the production and stopping actor but in my
> understanding, the production and stopping actor use the analytical
> cross-sections by default. How can we enforce the experimental
> cross-sections to calculate the number of  C11 and O15 instead of
> analytical cross-sections? Looking for your suggestions.
> Regards
> Atiq ur Rahman
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