[Gate-users] script for adding source image

Mike Tabriz mtabriz at msn.com
Sat Apr 23 15:58:40 CEST 2022

 Dear Gate Users / Developers,

I just tested my perfectly working script, written using gate_v8.0, on gate-v9.0 (installed on a parallel computing system) and got the following error messages:

[G4-cerr] ***** Illegal application state </gate/source/addSource voxel1 voxel> *****
[Gate] Sorry, error in a macro command : abort.

I am assuming that the problem lies in the way the source is set up (not compatible with this version). Following is the way it is set up currently:

/gate/source/addSource voxel1 voxel
/gate/source/voxel1/reader/insert interfile
/gate/source/voxel1/interfileReader/translator/insert range
/gate/source/voxel1/interfileReader/rangeTranslator/readTable mac/activityRange.dat
/gate/source/voxel1/interfileReader/rangeTranslator/describe 1
/gate/source/voxel1/interfileReader/readFile mac/RStack.h33
/gate/source/voxel1/interfileReader/verbose 1
/gate/source/voxel1/gps/particle gamma
/gate/source/voxel1/gps/energytype Mono
/gate/source/voxel1/gps/monoenergy 364.489 keV
/gate/source/voxel1/setIntensity  0.817
/gate/source/voxel1/gps/angtype iso
/gate/source/voxel1/setForcedUnstableFlag true
/gate/source/voxel1/setForcedHalfLife 694656 s
/gate/source/voxel1/gps/confine NULL
/gate/source/voxel1/setPosition -64. -64. -121.5 mm
/gate/source/voxel1/dump 1
/gate/source/addSource voxel2 voxel

Any help in correcting this issue is greatly appreciated.


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