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 Thank you MahdjoubI was checking using Image j and it shows the units start from negative values. My Dicom image is for the head and the sinus cavity (density:0.205 g/cm3) Hounsfield unit value is -800.  So I can start from negative units in my Gate program, not from zeroZahra
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 Hi Zahra, 
Make sure you read the whole data, not only the positive part using Matlab. ImageJ software also reads dicom images. Just go File->import->image sequence then select the folder where your dicom data is living, then you can check if the voxel values in the lungs are ~1000 HUs. 
I hope it helps.
Thanks, Mahdjoub
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Dear all
I have a CT image of the head and I want to import it to my Gate program. I have calculated the Hounsfield units based on the material compositions and it starts from negative values. When I check my CT image by MATLAB to see the Hounsfield units on the image, these units start from zero, and when I check with Amira software, it starts from negative values. Do I have to start with negative units ​​or I should shift these values and start from zero to use them ​​in the gate program? What do you suggest to me to make sure  I choose the right way to use in my gate program?
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