[Gate-users] gjs comiple failed in GATE9.2

Christian Pommranz pommranz at astro.uni-tuebingen.de
Mon Apr 4 22:21:16 CEST 2022

Hi Albert,

thanks for reporting this issue!

The G4String interface changed significantly with Geant4 v11.0.0 and I 
must have overlooked gjs in the GATE v9.2 porting to the new Geant4 
version. I created an issue on Github [1] and propsed a PR that should 
fix the compilation errors [2]. Since I don't regularly use gjs I only 
tested compilation so far. Could you (or any other gjs user) please 
verify this PR and compare the gjs output to that of a former working 
version of gjs?

[1]: https://github.com/OpenGATE/Gate/issues/507
[2]: https://github.com/OpenGATE/Gate/pull/508


On 26.03.22 01:03, Albert Grace Lieu wrote:
> Hi Gate users,
> I was trying to install GATE 9.2 to verify whether the memory leak issue 
> still persists in Gate 9.2 when voxelized phantom is used. According to 
> my own experience, GATE8.2 and 9.1 both suffer from this problem.
> In the process of Gate 9.2 installation, everything went fine, except 
> that the last step, literally the last step went wrong, the compilation 
> gjs failed. The error message is shown in the attached screenshot. I was 
> wondering if anyone has run into the same problem. How can it be solved 
> (Or did I something wrong somewhere)?
> Thanks a lot
> Albert
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