[Gate-users] getting detector volume ID from hits?

Ane Etxebeste ane.etxebeste at creatis.insa-lyon.fr
Fri Sep 3 14:15:26 CEST 2021

Hi Josh,

VolumeID array represents the  ID of the volume in which the hit occurred.

Each position in the array gives you the volume ID at a specific 
hierarchy level.

Let's say that you have an scanner made of  two heads and each head is 
composed of 64 pixelated crystals.

The ID  of the detector head goes from 0 to 1, whereas the ID at pixel 
level goes from 0 to 63.

In this case, in order to identify the volume where the hit occurred you 
will need  this two values of the array.

If you have a single detector head, the ID at pixel level  will be 
enough to identify the volume.

I hope it helps.



On 01/09/2021 23:19, Josh Knowland wrote:
> Hello GATE experts,
> Can you help me get the volume ID where hits occurred from the root file?
> I have been able to export the hits tree to a text file using 
> scan(“*”). I’ve attached a sample of the first 10 events in the text file.
> I can tell that the VolumeID branch holds an array for each event. The 
> arrays are 10 elements and must indicate somehow the detector volume 
> in which the hit occurred.
> Really, the only information I need for each hit is:
>  1. ProcessName
>  2. PDGEncoding
>  3. edep
>  4. posX, posY, posZ
>  5. sourceID
>  6. sourcePosX, sourcePosY, sourcePosZ
>  7. [the ID of the volume in which the hit occurred]
> Ideally, I need to output the tree as a text file like the attached 
> one. To reduce file size, I’d like to have only one line per event 
> instead of the 10 lines it’s writing now.
> Can you help me understand this?
> Thanks,
> Josh
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