[Gate-users] problem with /vis/open OGL

Juan Sebastian Useche Parra js.useche10 at uniandes.edu.co
Tue Nov 30 14:12:37 CET 2021

Hi Sarah,

DAWN is a particular format file to create vectorized images for academic writings, so you have to install the program before seeing something. Here is the link to the program with install instructions (https://geant4.kek.jp/~tanaka/DAWN/About_DAWN.html). Since it is quite cumbersome, I would recommend reinstalling GATE with the flags to use OGL or the libraries you need to use it.

Juan Sebastian Useche
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From: Sarah Blind <sarah.blind at univ-lorraine.fr>
Sent: Monday, 29 November 2021 15:13
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Subject: Re: [Gate-users] problem with /vis/open OGL

Okey, so I understood that my available viewer is DAWNFILE.

I want now for a start to view a very very simple code describing a world with a cylindrical PET with one daughter.
My file environnement.mac :

/gate/world/geometry/setXLength 40. cm
/gate/world/geometry/setYLength 40. cm
/gate/world/geometry/setZLength 40. cm

/gate/world/daughters/name cylindricalPET
/gate/world/daughters/insert cylinder
/gate/cylindricalPET/setMaterial Water
/gate/cylindricalPET/geometry/setRmax 100 mm
/gate/cylindricalPET/geometry/setRmin 86 mm
/gate/cylindricalPET/geometry/setHeight 18 mm
/vis/viewer/zoom 3

/gate/cylindricalPET/daughters/name box1
/gate/cylindricalPET/daughters/insert box
/gate/box1/placement/setTranslation 91. 0 0 mm
/gate/box1/geometry/setXLength 10. mm
/gate/box1/geometry/setYLength 17.75 mm
/gate/box1/geometry/setZLength 17.75 mm
/gate/box1/setMaterial Water
/gate/box1/vis/setColor yellow

My main file looks the following :
/gate/physics/addPhysicsList QGSP_BERT_EMV
/gate/geometry/setMaterialDatabase ../data/GateMaterials.db

/vis/open DAWNFILE
/control/execute environnement.mac

I don't understand the output; this code outputs a file .prim which I cannot open.
Does someone sees why I can't obtain any view simulation?

I'm discovering Gate... thank you for your help!


----- Le 29 Nov 21, à 11:03, Sarah Blind <sarah.blind at univ-lorraine.fr<mailto:sarah.blind at univ-lorraine.fr>> a écrit :

Dear Gate users,

I'm new to Gate and I encounter the following problem while executing a very simple code:
when I write
/vis/open OGL
in my main.mac I get the following error message:

"OGLSQt" is not compatible with your chosen session, and no fallback system found

Yet OpenGL is installed. Has someone an idea what the problem can be?

I'm working on a virtualbox with Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS.
I installed Gate 9.1 throught the ubuntu software center.

Many thanks for your help,

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