[Gate-users] How to use Alias on docker

Khalid Hussain khalidhussain1134 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 27 06:59:23 CET 2021

Dear Gate Users,

Can anyone please guide how to use  alias on docker?

Without  alias, it's running perfectly, but with alias, it will go to *PreInit>
*mode. I want to change some parameters with the help of alias.
docker run -i --rm -v $PWD:/APP opengatecollaboration/gate:latest

When I use alias script as given below [* the script has command as    Gate
-a[F,$c][RN,$currentSeed] mac/main.mac* ]
docker run -i --rm -v $PWD:/APP opengatecollaboration/gate:latest
It go to *PreInit>* mode

I also tried
docker run -i --rm -v $PWD:/APP opengatecollaboration/gate:latest
-a[va1,value1][var2,value2] mac/main.mac
it will go to PreInit> mode


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