[Gate-users] Errors in assigning materials to daughters

Abdalmajeid Alyassin am_alyassin at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 2 14:53:57 CEST 2020

I'm a new user to vGate, ... & I have a question regarding assigning materials to daughters of new volumes:
For instance;I created a volume called box X which is a daughter of world, and assigned it a defined material from the GateMaterials.db file. I also created a daughter Y of X and assigned it a newly defined material from  the GateMaterials.db file. Then, I created a daughter Z of Y and assigned it another newly defined material in the GataMaterials.db. When I initialize the /gate/run/initialize, I get an error 
GateImageT.icc (l.75): Unknown image file extension. Supported extensions are : .vox, .hdr, .img, .mhd, .mha, .h33, .i33, .dcm
the mac works fine, if Material X = Material Z but give the above error otherwise. Are there any conditions about assigning materials to volumes & daughter of volumes?
Any help is greatly appreciated?
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