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David Boersma david.boersma at acmit.at
Mon Mar 9 11:29:30 CET 2020

Hello Lamia el Moudden,

Sorry for the late reply.

I am having a hard time understanding your question, to be honest. So I need to start with asking you for some clarification of what you would like to achieve. Specifically:

  *   What do you mean with "paper of speckle"? When I googled for it I found "speckle pattern" which apparently has to do with interference of visible light (usually from lasers). That is not a topic that we normally treat with Gate/Geant4, as far as I know. I guess you mean something completely different. 😊
  *   It sounds like you are looking a way to simulate many beams, each with a different direction and angular distribution. What kind of primary particles are emitted by the source? Photons or other particles? (Electron, protons?) What is the energy range (and distribution) for the primary particles?

If you can clarify this, then it might be easier for me (or anyone else on the mailing list) to give you some suggestions/ideas to help you to set up your simulation.


David B.

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Hello everyone ,
i am trying to find a way to simulate a paper of  speckle  with Gate but since it s very complicated geometry i am trying  to simulate the source after the interaction with the speckle ( that i won t simulate) since the source will be refracted i need to find a source wich will provide a angular distribution and each beam has his one deviation !! with Gate we have the GPS that provide the angular distribution with theta and phi . is there any other parametre that i can play with in GPS or another generator ? and if i want to code it with Geant 4 how can i do it ?
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