[Gate-users] Overlaps when using voxelized phantom

Devir-Wolfman, Ayeleth (GE Healthcare) Ayeleth.Devir-Wolfman at ge.com
Mon Jun 22 09:15:44 CEST 2020

Hello Gate users,

I'm a novel user of GATE and I want to add a voxelized phantom to my SPECT simulation.

I try to imitate a clinical scan, where the detector should be close to the phantom/object, but there an overlapping issue between the scanner and the bounds of the phantom (which are made of air/vacuum).

I know that it's a known issue originating from GEANT4, and I have tried a few of the suggested solutions in the mailing list (splitting the phantom to multi-voxelized phantoms, and building the phantom by defining each voxel independently), but to no avail.

Has anyone found a simple workaround for the overlapping issue?

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