[Gate-users] XRF photoelectric effect concern/inquiry

Ignacio Romero iromero7 at ucmerced.edu
Tue Feb 25 17:50:55 CET 2020

Hello Gate users,

I attempted to simulate the K-edge XRF emission of Mo using the
emlivermore physics list builder:
/gate/physics/addPhysicsList emlivermore
/process/em/fluo true
/process/em/auger true
/process/em/pixe true

I placed a 5 cm2 silicon detector 90 degrees from a 1cm dia Mo target and
used a 20 keV pencil beam monoenergetic source with 1e8 primaries. I
extracted the hit counts with their processName and processed in Matlab. I
obtained the spectra attached. Note that I am only looking at the counts
generated by the photoelectric effect. Why are there so many counts at the
energy of the mono energetic source? I would have expected more counts at
the K-edge.

Also since there was no Mo material or element info, I had to input it
myself in the GateMaterials.db file:
Molybdenum: S= Mo  ; Z= 42. ; A=  95.95  g/mole

Molybdenum: d=10.28 g/cm3 ; n=1 ; state=solid
+el: name=auto       ; n=1

Please let me know if the above steps were done correctly.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.


Ignacio Romero
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