[Gate-users] running gate without qt mode

David Boersma david.boersma at acmit.at
Wed Feb 5 16:32:36 CET 2020

Hi Ana,

There is no command in GATE/geant4 that starts with "/systems", as far as I can see. When I just run "Gate --qt" without arguments and check the help tab on the left, there is no "systems". But there is a "/gate/systems". In GateContrib I found the "GateContrib/imaging/CT/classic" example, which uses the "/gate/systems" command in the CTScanner.mac macro. When I remove the "/gate" prefix in that macro, then I can reproduce the error message that you reported.

So... Could you replace "/systems/scanner/level1/attach TopLayer" with "/gate/systems/scanner/level1/attach TopLayer" (and of course correct any further "/system" lines in the same way) and try again?

It's indeed odd that *with* "--qt", the missing "/gate" prefix gets silently added, but when you run *without* the "--qt" prefix, Gate gets more strict. I don't think that that is intended behavior. If you can confirm that the above suggestion indeed fixes your problem (please reply to the mailing list!), then we should maybe promote this gate-users question to a "GitHub issue" so that someone who understands this aspect of Gate can fix it.


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Betreff: [Gate-users] running gate without qt mode

I am using Gate 8.2
I want to run Gate without the --qt mode but everytime I'm trying i got an error message:
COMMAND NOT FOUND </systems/scanner/level1/attach TopLayer>

This only appears when I'm running it without --qt but when i use this command it works perfectly. How can I avoid this?
I want to run gate without any visible window displaying
Hope you could help me.

Kind regards,
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