[Gate-users] Movement of source with cold_area

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I do not know why the approach you used did not work. The only difference I have found between your code and the example shown in the wiki, is that you didn't add the "_phys" part on the object name when using the forbid command. Is there a reason for why you didn't follow that part of the wiki example?

Also, from my understanding, you want an annulus source. Why don't you directly define one as shown in the wiki? Is there a particularity in your case that make it invalid?

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Objet : [Gate-users] Movement of source with cold_area

Dear Gate users,

I am trying to move NEMA IQ phantom with the source along the axial direction back and forth to simulate a real experiment that we have done. I started with a much simpler case where there is only an annulus phantom with an annulus source in the simulated PET system. Phantom as a volume is very easy to be translated. According to the user manual, to move a source,  the source had better be attached to a volume. For common source without cold_area, it works very well. However, I found it did not work in the case where the source is determined by a volume and a cold_area (which is also a volume), such as the annulus source. Could anyone teach me how to do so if it is possible?

Following is my code, I moved the phantom and cold_area simultaneously, whether or not I attached the source to phantom, after the translation, GATE did not return an annulus source rather a cylindrical source same as the phantom as shown in the attached screenshot.

/gate/world/daughters/name                            Normal_AP
/gate/world/daughters/insert                          cylinder
/gate/Normal_AP/geometry/setRmax                      30.051 cm
/gate/Normal_AP/geometry/setRmin                      30.0 cm
/gate/Normal_AP/geometry/setHeight                    6 cm
/gate/Normal_AP/placement/setTranslation              0.0 0.0 0.0 cm
/gate/Normal_AP/moves/insert                       genericMove
/gate/Normal_AP/genericMove/setPlacementsFilename  ./macros/phantomMovement0.placements
/gate/Normal_AP/setMaterial                           Water
/gate/Normal_AP/vis/setColor                          white
/gate/Normal_AP/vis/setVisible                        1

/gate/world/daughters/name                            cold_area
/gate/world/daughters/insert                          cylinder
/gate/cold_area/geometry/setRmax                      30.00 cm
/gate/cold_area/geometry/setHeight                    6 cm
/gate/cold_area/placement/setTranslation              0.0 0.0 0.0 cm
/gate/cold_area/moves/insert                       genericMove
/gate/cold_area/genericMove/setPlacementsFilename  ./macros/phantomMovement0.placements
/gate/cold_area/setMaterial                           Air
/gate/cold_area/vis/setColor white

/gate/source/addSource                                 Ge68
/gate/source/Ge68/setActivity                          37000 Bq #1. uci
/gate/source/Ge68/gps/particle                         gamma
/gate/source/Ge68/setType                              backtoback
/gate/source/Ge68/gps/type                             Volume
/gate/source/Ge68/gps/shape                            Cylinder
/gate/source/Ge68/gps/radius                           30.051  cm
/gate/source/Ge68/gps/halfz                            3  cm
/gate/source/Ge68/gps/centre                           0. 0. 0. cm
#/gate/source/Ge68/attachTo                             Normal_AP
/gate/source/Ge68/gps/energytype                       Mono
/gate/source/Ge68/gps/monoenergy                       0.511 MeV
/gate/source/Ge68/gps/angtype                          iso
/gate/source/Ge68/setForcedUnstableFlag                false
 #/gate/source/Ge68/setForcedHalfLife                  6586 s
/gate/source/Ge68/gps/Forbid cold_area
/gate/source/Ge68/dump  1


Thanks a lot for your reading and any help.

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