[Gate-users] Change orientation of cone volume

Christopher Watanabe chris.r.watanabe at gmail.com
Fri Sep 13 15:10:38 CEST 2019

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to create a pinhole collimater. So far, I have everything set up
well, but the orientation is wrong with the preexisting orientation of the
camera. (i.e. the primary axis of the pinhole should be the normal of the
pixel grid)

The code I have now is:

## Volume at the front of the spect device for the collimator

/gate/front/daughters/name collimator
/gate/front/daughters/insert box
/gate/collimator/geometry/setXLength            44. mm
/gate/collimator/geometry/setYLength            11.14 mm
/gate/collimator/geometry/setZLength            44. mm
/gate/collimator/placement/setTranslation       0. -0.2 0. mm
/gate/collimator/setMaterial                    Air

# Square of tungsten with correct thickness at the wider base (crystal
/gate/collimator/daughters/name              base
/gate/collimator/daughters/insert            box
/gate/base/geometry/setXLength     44. mm
/gate/base/geometry/setYLength       1 mm
/gate/base/geometry/setZLength     44. mm
/gate/base/placement/setTranslation 0. -0.2 0. mm
/gate/base/setMaterial Tungsten

# Cone of tungsten for collimation
/gate/collimator/daughters/name        Tcone
/gate/collimator/daughters/insert      cone
/gate/Tcone/geometry/setRmin1   0 mm
/gate/Tcone/geometry/setRmax1   3 mm
/gate/Tcone/geometry/setRmin2   0 mm
/gate/Tcone/geometry/setRmax2   25 mm
/gate/Tcone/geometry/setHeight   11.14 mm
/gate/Tcone/placement/setTranslation       0. -0.2 0. mm
/gate/Tcone/setMaterial       Tungsten

# Cone of Air within the cone of tungsten
/gate/Tcone/daughters/name        hole2
/gate/Tcone/daughters/insert     cone
/gate/hole2/geometry/setRmin1   0 mm
/gate/hole2/geometry/setRmax1   2 mm
/gate/hole2/geometry/setRmin2   0 mm
/gate/hole2/geometry/setRmax2   24 mm
/gate/hole2/geometry/setHeight 11.14 mm
/gate/hole2/placement/setTranslation       0. -0.2 0. mm

So, basically, the hollow tungsten cone should be within the air volume
allocate for the collimator. The primary axis of the cone is along the z
direction though, so I get the following visualization:

[image: image.png]
As you can see, the solid red cone (pinhole) is oriented along the z-axis,
whereas the rest of the SPECT device is oriented along the y axis...

Things I've tried:
/gate/Tcone/placement/alignToY - This command just centers it along the y
axis. Doesn't change the primary axis.
/gate/Tcone/placement/setRotationAxis +
/gate/Tcone/placement/setRotationAngle - Also doesn't yield any helpful

I'd appreciate any help!


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