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jisenbrandt at aol.de jisenbrandt at aol.de
Sat Nov 16 17:08:59 CET 2019

Dear gate users,

I'm trying to get some information about the deposit energy in my
scintillator. I have a Cs137 source irradiate a NaI-scintillator. Now I
attached an EnergySpectrumActor and it works fine. But the results of the
edepHisto in root shows only two values. I thought by default there is no
resolution set. When I set edepHisto true and the Emin, Emax and
NumberofBins the terminal says *Commant not found*  

Has anyone worked with this actor and can help me out?


/gate/actor/addActor EnergySpectrumActor save_example             

/gate/actor/save_example/attachTo crystal             

/gate/actor/save_example/save UserSpectrumNaJ.root

/gate/actor/save_example/energySpectrum/setEmin 0 eV

/gate/actor/save_example/energySpectrum/setEmax 1 MeV

/gate/actor/save_example/energySpectrum/setNumberOfBins 500

/gate/actor/save_example/enableLETSpectrum             true

/gate/actor/save_example/LETSpectrum/setLETmin         0 keV/um

/gate/actor/save_example/LETSpectrum/setLETmax         100 keV/um

/gate/actor/save_example/LETSpectrum/setNumberOfBins   1000
//till here it works. When I run it with the following setup it terminates

/gate/actor/save_example/enableEdepHisto          true

/gate/actor/save_example/EdepHisto/setEmin 0

/gate/actor/save_example/EdepHisto/setEmax       1 MeV

/gate/actor/save_example/EdepHisto/setNumberOfBins         500


Thanks in advance,


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