[Gate-users] No output from simulation

Matthew Strugari matthew.strugari at dal.ca
Sat May 25 00:21:50 CEST 2019

Hi everyone,

I am having difficulty obtaining any ROOT or projection output from my simulation and any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I'm running GATE version 8.2 with Geant4 10-5-patch-01 on Ubuntu 18.04. I was able to run the benchmark tests which all passed and the benchSPECT example generated ROOT and projection outputs which I am able to analyse. I setup my simulation in a similar manner to the benchSPECT macro although my geometry is specified with STL files for the most part. My simulation executes and primaries are generated (see attached image) but the only information contained in the .root file is the number of primaries with no information viewable from the Trees. The terminal output is comparable to the benchSPECT simulation and no relevant warnings are generated.

I have attached the .root file and the GATE macro with the corresponding output from the terminal. I still need to make a number of modifications but I figured it would be best to start with a working simulation before fine-tuning anything. Please let me know if you have any information or tips.

Thank you!



Matthew Strugari

Biomedical Translational Imaging Centre - BIOTIC,
5890 University Ave,
Halifax, NS, B3K 6R8
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