[Gate-users] dose calculation problem

Dimitrios Thanasas dthanas at uoa.gr
Tue Mar 5 13:49:26 CET 2019

Hi GATE users,

I used the dose actor to calculate dose and edep in simple water phantoms.
I also calculated dose manually from edep.
If the phantom is box (eg 10x10x10 cm3) then the calculated dose is equal
to simulated output dose.
If the phantom is cylinder (eg height=10cm, Rmax=5.64cm so as the total
volume to be 1000cm3 again) then the edep remains almost stable (as I
expected) but the simulated dose is lower than the manually calculated by
a factor of about 1.27.
Does anyone know why these two numbers are different?
I expected the dose to be almost stable as edep after the two simulations.
I use Gate v.8.0

Thanks in advance,

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