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David Boersma david.boersma at acmit.at
Wed Jan 16 08:55:22 CET 2019

Dear Yuan Bo,

(Last week I sent the text below also to you, but there was some kind of error in the mail servers, it seems. I hope that this time it reaches you!)

We are making progress!

In order to use LMF in Gate, you need to set two things in the ccmake step:
(1) the GATE_USE_LMF flag should be set to ON (default is OFF)
(2) the LMF_HOME path should be set to the directory in which you built LMF. In other words, this directory should have subdirectories named "lib" and "includes", and the "lib" subdirectory should contain the "libLMF.a" file.

After configuring this in ccmake (and running the "generate" command), you need to run "make" again.

Good luck!
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dear David:

    i have install lmf .  but  i don't know how to connect lmf with gate? could you tell me how to do ?
 thank you , David. for your answer.

here is the information about my lmf

r.o obj/generateEncoH.o obj/askTheMode.o obj/makeGDpattern.o obj/intro.o obj/oneList_BonusKit.o obj/calculatesizeevent.o obj/makeid.o obj/Gaussian.o obj/Sigmoid.o obj/outputRootMgr.o obj/timeAnalyser.o obj/sigmoidCut.o obj/Calfactor.o obj/blockSorter.o obj/daqBuffer.o obj/peakPositionDispertion.o obj/temporalResolution.o obj/cutEnergyModule.o obj/multipleCoincidencesSorter.o obj/energyResolution.o obj/followCountRates.o

Congratulations : compilation and linkage of lib/./lib/libLMF.a  over !!!
Please try make in ./exemples to compile our examples

yuanbo at yuanbo:~/gate/lmf/lmf_v3.0 $
From Yuan Bo
Zhengzhou University
No.100 Science Avenue,Zhengzhou City, Henan Province P.R.China

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