[Gate-users] "Find" function in ROOT

Zhengzhi Liu zliu36 at stanford.edu
Fri Feb 1 18:56:50 CET 2019

Dear GATE community members,

Thank you for reading my post first. I have a question regarding ROOT.
Please give any help.

Is there a function/way in ROOT to find the index of an event with its
eventID? To be more specific, let's say we want all the information of the
event  with eventID = 100, is there a way to find the index i, then
Hits->GetEntry(i) can be used to read out all the information of this hit
from Hits file.

Currently, I loop through the whole Hits file once for each event that I
need, which is very slow when Hits->GetEntries() is large.

for (Int_t i=0; i< Hits->GetEntries(); j++) {
                                        if((eventID == 100)
                                        {  //***  }

Thank you very much for reading and your help.
Best regards,
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