[Gate-users] Implementation of accolinearity in PET Simulations

Peter Neilson neilson at txcorp.com
Mon Dec 23 19:33:02 CET 2019

Dear Gaters, 

  I am working on some simulations of PET Devices. We would like to implement accolinearity in the particle source. I see from documentation there is no accolinearity in backToBack source. But there is a feature in source code, setAccolinearityFlag that is undocumented. 

I have my particle source implemented as 

/gate/source/F18SphereSource/setType backtoback
/gate/source/F18SphereSource/setAccolinearityFlag true
/gate/source/F18SphereSource/setAccoValue 135 deg

I’ve found that this does seem to have a noticeable impact on results, and it looks like it does modify the particle directions. Questions I have are

(1) Is this the best way to implement accolinearity
(2) If one, what value would be best to use for “setAccoValue” 

-Peter Neilson
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