[Gate-users] Change physics list/step function

Jana Kretschmer jana.kretschmer at uni-oldenburg.de
Thu Dec 12 14:33:38 CET 2019

Hi everyone,

I am facing a problem concerning the physics settings. I would like to use the physics list QGSP_BIC_EMZ but change the step function for electron ionisation (dRoverRange and finalRange). Is there anyone who has done this before or knows how I can do this in Gate?

I tried to do this via the commands:

/gate/physics/addPhysicsList         QGSP_BIC_EMZ

/gate/physics/processes/ElectronIonisation/setStepFunction e- 0.05 0.1 mm

Unfortunately this did not work, since my simulation output was:

eIoni:   for  e-    SubType= 2
      dE/dx and range tables from 100 eV  to 10 TeV in 220 bins
      Lambda tables from threshold to 10 TeV, 20 bins per decade, spline: 1
      finalRange(mm)= 0.01, dRoverRange= 0.2, integral: 1, fluct: 1, linLossLimit= 0.01
      ===== EM models for the G4Region  DefaultRegionForTheWorld ======
             PenIoni :  Emin=        0 eV    Emax=        1 MeV
        MollerBhabha :  Emin=        1 MeV   Emax=       10 TeV   deltaVI

I also tried to build my own physics list by adding all processes used in QGSP_BIC_EMZ and then setting the step function but I was not able to specify the physics models needed.

Best regards,


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